Gentle Electrolysis & Laser Hair Removal

Clear your complexion and improve your confidence with IPL laser hair removal and electrolysis.  Let us design a treatment plan that suits your individual needs. Albany Certified Electrolysis is the only hair removal center in the Capital District to offer combination treatment using both laser and electrolysis.

IPL Laser

Eliminate unwanted hair from your face and body with laser high removal at our facility. This is one of the most desired forms of hair removal for all parts of the face and body. We use painless intense pulse light (IPL) that gets rid of the hair and rejuvenates your skin. For ideal results, we recommend six to eight treatments of this noninvasive therapy. Along with being safe for all parts of your face and body, IPL Laser provides benefits that include: 

• No Shaving • No Tweezing • No More Hair Maintenance


Enjoy permanent hair removal with the proven technique of electrolysis. It involves treating each individual hair with a sterile disposal stainless steel element made by industry leader Ballet Technologies.  The probe is inserted into the hair follicle, and a small amount of electrical current travels down the follicle to destroy the root. This is a gentle and permanent hair removal process.  Our combination treatment with laser and electrolysis have proven very effective. 


Woman - Laser Hair Removal



When you just want a quick fix for your hair problem, we recommend waxing. We do full face and body waxing with immediate results. Typically, hair will not grow back for four to six weeks.

Visit us in Albany, New York, for services that erase signs of skin damage.